A Good Meat Mixer is your Start to Tasty Recipes

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A Good Meat Mixer is your Start to Tasty Recipes

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A good meat mixer is an excellent way of mixing the seasonings and cures into your deer meat for making sausage, jerky, or other ground deer meat products or grass fed beef Perth. Remember, venison, while the leanest red meat you can get, can be very dry because it is so lean, so most times you’ll want to add a little extra fat into your deer meat to add some moisture to it.

For instance, deer jerky recipes and deer sausage recipes will often call for adding a little ground turkey or beef and seasonings into the venison and using a top quality meat mixer will make sure your fresh ground deer meat will be the right mixture for any recipe.

Mixing all those extra ingredients into your deer meat by hand can be pretty inefficient, time consuming and tedious, especially when you’re processing the meat from a whole deer into ground meat for burgers, jerky and sausage.

With today’s meat mixers, you simply put the meat into the mixer and turn the crank, if you’re using a hand crank style mixer, while you add your seasonings or extra fat content into the meats. The mixer blades then do the work for you by efficiently and thoroughly blending the ingredients into the meat so everything is mixed evenly for the best tasting meat.

Some kitchen meat mixers are electric and are operated with the flip of a switch. You just add your cut up meats into the top of the grinder where gets drawn down the conveyer and get mixed together.

With mixers that will handle up to 17 lbs. of meat quickly and easily, these are great appliances for the hunter who processes his own deer meat.

Whether you’re mixing seasonings into your deer meat for sausage, burgers, ground meats or anything other recipe requiring ground meat with seasonings, you’re going to find the job a lot easier and less stressful if you have a meat mixer in your collection of kitchen appliances.

Tip: Make sure you clean your meat mixer thoroughly after every use so food particles don’t spoil and contaminate your fresh meat the next time you use it.

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