Why I Love My Commercial Orange Juicer

It is hard to find someone who doesn’t love the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice. What you get from the store in a box or bottle never compares with what you can make at home. In most cases, bottles and boxes of juice are already weeks or even months old by the time you take it off the shelf, and it never tastes as good as the picture on the box looks. It is actually really easy to make orange juice at home, and with so many oranges readily available to buy at supermarket everywhere around the world, there really is no excuse for not having an orange juicer at home.

While most people are content with using simple mechanisms for extracting the juice of oranges and other citrus fruits, these little gadgets aren’t enough for me. The reason why is because I have a large family, and when I make juice, I need to make enough for 6 or more people at a time. Rather than spend an hour hunched over pressing oranges, I chose to get a commercial orange juicer. For about 100 dollars, you can get a large unit that sits right on the counter and juices oranges quickly and easily. This type has an arm that you pull down to press the juice out of whatever you put in there.

Due to the laws of physics, you don’t actually need to press very hard at all to extract the juice from an orange. Even the weakest of people should be able to operate this type of machine. Once you cut your oranges in half, all you need to do is simply place each half into the pressing cup and pull the handle down. Within minutes, you can make enough juice for an entire family. You can even use them for any other type of citrus as well, like limes, lemons, or grapefruits. One final note is that although orange juice always tastes best right after you squeeze it, you can easily juice enough for a couple of days and put the rest in the mini bar fridge to drink later.

Which Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Should I Choose?

If you are thinking about getting yourself a Jack LaLanne power juicer then you may already know, or will find out, that there are 5 power juicer models to choose from. All 5 of the power juicers deliver the same basic features but each model also provides something uniquely different. Before we look at these individual features lets take a look at what you can expect with any power juicer.

Basic Features

One of the main raved features of the power juicer machines is how quickly they juice fruits and vegetables. This speed and ease of juicing is delivered by three complimentary factors; the powerful 3,600 RPM motor, the surgical quality stainless steel blade and the 3″ extra wide feed tube. The wide feed tube accepts a variety of fruits and vegetables whole, which cuts down on prepping, and then the blade and motor chops them to pieces in a jiffy and wallah, you have your juice. You can also expect each power juicer to operate at a very quiet volume compared to other juicers.

The Power Juicer Classic

The Jack LaLanne power juicer classic is the bottom line power juicer and is available for the impressively low price of $100 or less. The are two main complaints with this model :-

1) It is made of white plastic parts that get stained by the juice it makes and this can start to look unpleasant after a while.

2) It doesn’t feature a non-drip spout unlike all the other power juicer machines.

The Power Juicer Express

The power juicer express is the sleek slim space saving power juicer model and it is noticeably smaller than its other power juicer brothers. So this is the model to choose if you want to save room in your kitchen. The power juicer express also comes in the white plastic parts that stain.

The Power Juicer Deluxe

The power juicer deluxe is basically the same design as the power juicer classic. However, the power juicer deluxe has two important distinctions. It is made of stainless steel that doesn’t get stained and it features a non-drip spout.

The Power Juicer Pro

Take the power juicer deluxe and give it a stainless steel mesh filter and you have the power juicer pro. The mesh filter filters the juice more finely therefore producing a juice with less pulp particles in it. If you like your juice extra fine then the pro is for you.

The Power Juicer Elite

What gives the power juicer elite its elite status? Soy technology. This is actually really neat and gives this power juicer the ability to chop up and squeeze the juice out of beans and nuts. This allows us to make fresh soy bean milk and almond milk or whatever bean or nut milk we want. It can make rice milk too!

What to Look for when Purchasing Gas Grills

What could be better than a new barbecue that you can use to grill delicious food for your friends and family? Every summer people set out to buy a barbecue upgrade so that they can have more power at their fingertips when it comes to grilling in their backyard. It’s important to shop smart and use all your consumer knowledge when buying a product that can potentially be a high ticket item. It’s no secret that the best gas grills on the market aren’t exactly cheap, but you don’t have to break your bank account either. It’s important to assess what your barbecue needs are, and stay within your limits so that you don’t end up wasting money.

Whether you are looking for a gas product or a charcoal grill, it’s important to remember you get what you pay for. There are bargain-basement deals out there but they usually end up being flimsy and unreliable. Look for something with sturdy construction that will also be practical in your everyday grilling. One of the most important factors to look for is ample grilling space so that you have enough room to handle large amounts of food. Varied levels also come in handy so that you can cook different things at varying rates of heat. And speaking of temperatures, it’s important to get something with a good range of heat capability. Another practical thing to look for is a product with reasonable fuel consumption so that you don’t end up spending a lot of extra money on propane tanks.

Once you choose your gas grill is essential that you assemble it properly in your backyard. Make sure to read the instructions carefully so that you don’t miss any important steps. There is always a safety factor that goes along with gas grills so it’s always worth your time to make sure everything is in place. Also do your best to maintain your product even when it’s not in use, and try to clean it every time after you have a barbecue meal.

Things You Can Do On Your Barbecue

Almost everyone who has a grill loves to barbecue. It is a great way for the family to spend quality time together. And the best part about it is the delicious taste of home cooked food right off the grill. Not only that, some families even have their get together just to show off their recipes. Face it, food is a wonderful creation. It keeps us alive; it gives flavor to the world with so many different cuisines. For some it can be even a reason for living. Barbecuing starts with the utmost quality of fresh meat separated into different types of cuts. Some also prefer cooking fresh vegetables and fruits along with their steaks. The art of bbq-ing is a vast concept and there are some people who relish the challenge of creating new dishes.

There are several recipes that you can use to cook food on your Weber Genesis E-320 grill. First things first, we are going to discuss the art of marinating. Before any BBQ session starts, you need to add flavor to your meat. Some put spices, soy sauce and other condiments that make the meat taste delicious. Some who are unsure how to make a marinade can buy some at their local grocery store.

The next thing to do after marinating is to let it sit for a few hours or better yet, overnight in your refrigerator, so that the flavors absorb into the meat. One of my favorite recipes that I pull out when we have company is a rub for steaks that I like to use on a charcoal grill such as the Weber Performer Grill for that smokey flavor.

BBQ Steak with Rub

1 rib-eye steak
Crack Pepper
Garlic butter
Half lemon
Carbon or Kingsford mesquite (if not using a charcoal grill)

To Prepare:

Make sure the steak is thawed then sprinkle with salt on both sides. A thick layer of cracked pepper should be coated on each side. After doing so, put some Kingsford mesquite 0nto the grill. Heat up the grill as hot as possible and start grilling. Once done to your satisfaction, remove it from the grill. Spread the garlic butter on each side of the steak and let it simmer for a few minutes. Finally squeeze lemon unto your steak and serve it while it’s hot.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different marinades are spice rubs as you can make your meat or veggies taste totally different depending on the flavors you use.

The Surprising Electric Knife

Only a few households own an electric cordless knife at the present time, but you would definitely find a microwave and an electric mixer in their cabinet. People usually think, “Why would I need an electric cordless knife if I have a knife that does the job?” I used to think the same way, but then I realized I certainly do need one. The more experienced you are in the kitchen, the more you think you do not need a cordless electric carving knife, this is but flawed thinking. Preparing food for many people or having a huge, busy kitchen, one would surely need the help to hasten the work.

Understanding the benefits of an electric knife would make people see the value of owning one. Most electric knives have two blades. They are serrated and are attached side by side. They move alternately, one forward one backward. The quick opposite moving directions of the blades hold the food in place. Remember the times you used an ordinary knife and you tried to cut something soft, the downward, forward and backward cutting motions tend to deform the food. But with the cordless electric knife, it would be like you have two knives cutting at exactly the same time in opposite directions. This mirrored motion, protects the shape of the food; never ruining it. The equal opposite forces rendered on the food steadies your poultry, fish, meat, and cheese in place.

Because of this, unbelievably neat and clean slices are produced by the electric cordless knife. It is great for soft to tough foods including the multi-textured ones such as stuffed chickens, fish, beef, or dessert pies. Finger foods or hors d’oeuvres are cut perfectly. And with the cordless knife all these would really not be a problem at all.

Electric knives with cords do present some problems. For example, if you want to do your slicing in the dining room and cannot find an outlet or your cord is too short or too long (which can create knots). Electric knives with cords are somehow hard to maneuver unlike the cordless one where all you have to do is switch in on and start slicing or cutting. It is most convenient to use on the dinner table when carving the Christmas ham or the Thanksgiving turkey. To avoid any problems or inconvenience, especially if there are honored guests seated at the dinner table waiting, an electric cordless knife would be a wise thing to possess.

Some Delicious Baked Chicken And Baked Sweet Potato Recipes

Last month I spent some time going through some old cookbooks looking for some of my favorite recipes. I have been so busy in recent years that I haven’t sent as much time cooking as I would ideally have liked, but that doesn’t matter. I am so interested in making food that just browsing through the pages of those books makes my stomach rumble and my culinary creativity come to life. Is there anything better than going through your old things and finding special memories hidden in them?

In that treasure chest of special meals from the past, I found two of my favorite old meals. One of them is an Amish chicken recipe. The method involves mixing ingredients and meat in a bag and then baking the meat in a pot. It seems to be a pretty traditional meal as many of the ingredients are very traditional and even hard to come by nowadays. It is definitely one of the meals I enjoy the most. When making baked chicken recipes breast meat seems to be the norm these days, but the Amish recipe involves using thigh meat, which I like since it has more flavor than breast.

And in a book about growing your own vegetables was included a selection of interesting baked sweet potato recipes. I particularly liked the look of a lamb and sweet potato dtew. Lamb is such a delicate, fragrant meat, so to include it in a recipe with something as rich and flavorsome as sweet potatoes is an excellent idea. The combination of those two just tickles my tase buds even thinking about it.

So I feel there is no time to lose, I had better go to the store and get some chicken, lamb and sweet potatoes. I want to make a start right away, and it looks I will be cooking two meals tonight!

Some Basic Features of a Gas Barbecue Grill

Many people have made the switch from the old charcoal grill to the new gas grill barbecues. This type of grill is designed to cook the food in a more thorough and even manner, while allowing the natural flavors to come through. The gas is also cleaner for the environment because there is no messy ash to dump out when you are done grilling. These grills are also created as much larger grills than the traditional charcoal styles. Many are made in a rectangular shape rather than the round design common to the charcoal grill.

The new gas barbecues will come with a cover that is usually a hinged style to make opening and closing it easier to do. The interior will use a rectangular rack for placing foods on and the sides will often have added space for food preparation. Some styles have a redwood sideboard area you can place your cooking utensils or plates on. The base of this type of grill will have sturdy legs and may have one side with wheels on it so you can easily move your grill from one location to another.

The gas type of outdoor grill is being used a lot for outdoor events such as family reunions. This item is often used in combination with a slow cooker crock pot to create a selection of different foods that can be kept warm. A crock pot or slow cooker crock pot can be used to keep baked beans hot , while you are grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. You can also use your grill to warm or toast buns that will be used for your outdoor celebration as well. Some of the grills that are gas models may actually include a special warming tray or area for heating vegetables or warming buns to make it easy to cook several food items at the same time.

Preparing for Christmas Dinner

Are you hosting the big holiday dinner and cooking your favorite dishes, but you don’t know where to begin in regards to the other tasks? Cooking all the food may seem impossible at first but it’s easier if you divide everything up into smaller measures. You will be able to make your load lighter. So be sure to find your recipe for pumpkin cheesecake for a fantastic holiday get together.


Some people have an inclination to be a bit extreme on holiday decorations but the theme can be made much simpler and still remain eloquent. If your holiday party is in autumn, go with the beautiful gem tones and warm hues. Brown, gold, purple, royal blue, and orange look terrific used together. For a winter Holiday dinner, the usual Christmas colors work but if you prefer something different decorate in silver and pastel blue for an excellent effect. Keep it simple and make each decoration count.


Plan in advance. A little advanced planning will reserve you some time and energy as well as cut down the pandemonium that can encircle attempting to organize a meal for an extended quantity of people. A custom that numerous households have selected to use is the host will assign them to cook butternut squash and other side dishes and sweets like the pumpkin cheesecake recipe to the guest families while they make the meat and main dishes. This dedicates everybody an opportunity to contribute and actually make it a family function while lifting some of the burden taken off the host family’s hands. It may not seem like much but just assigning someone to cook butternut squash helps a good deal.

Organize The Seating

The number of chairs you need depends on the amount of guest you invited. Consider leasing some chairs and tables or borrow from friends and family. Allow enough room so no one feels squashed. If some don’t get along together, sit them farther apart to cut any arguments.

Breaking down tasks like having someone to cook butternut squash or make your favorite pumpkin cheesecake recipe, you lessen stress and you will enjoy the diner better.

Preparing Chicken Salad

Salads have always used chicken to achieve that amazing flavor as well impart that sophisticated touch. It is very popular which has led to a lot of interest in the chicken salad recipe. Smoked chicken is the all time favorite salad component. Smoking chicken is indeed a very easy process that will require you to have a covered grill or smoker and the chips from wood. Get yourself a bird that is approximately three pounds. The best chicken remains the free range type. They are known to produce the best results as a result of their naturally flavored meat. You then prepare a solution of one cup salt, one cup sugar and a gallon of water which you will use to brine the chicken. This process should last approximately four hours.

You then add wine, fruit juice or spices depending on the flavor that you want to impart on the chicken. Next, you wash the poultry to get rid of the brine solution and then coat it with lemon pepper or Cajun seasoning. Place them on the smoker breast down that is running a fire approximately 225 degrees Fahrenheit. The best wood chippings to use happen to be from Oakwood as it imparts a great flavor. You can even add apple wood or hickory depending on what you currently have as well as your preferred flavor. The smoking session should last approximately an hour and a half. You can apply melted butter or olive oil for that extra tenderness.

Remember not to overcook the smoked birds. You can use a meat thermometer to check this. When the temperature in the thickest part reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, then they are done. You can now proceed and make your chicken salad. You will need a tablespoon of vinegar, 1 ½ tablespoons olive oil, ½ celery leaves, ½ walnut halves chopped, 2/3 cup basil leaves, 1 lb seedless grapes and 3 slices prosciutto.

Here’s how to make that chicken salad recipe. Put the prosciutto into a baking tray and broil for some minutes. Put the vinegar into the oil and tear some basil leaves as well as the cooled prosciutto. Next add the chicken, walnuts, basil, prosciutto, grapes, cheese and celery leaves into a big bowl. Add into this the dressing and then toss well to combine. Add the black pepper and salt to taste and serve immediately.

Popcorn Treats for the Holidays

If you are one of those people who love to cook for the holidays then have some fun, and look at these new wonderful popcorn recipes. Cooking with popcorn is fun and easy. Kids love to help, and virtually everyone loves the treats.

Toffee popcorn is a fan favorite. With a few simple ingredients, you can make a special gift of this holiday classic for your office or your church groups. It requires brown sugar, corn syrup, vanilla extract, butter and popped popcorn. It takes just a few minutes to make and you will have quite a few servings to share with friends and neighbors.

A fun way to get your children to help is to add the popped popcorn to a brown paper bag and slowly pour the toffee mixture in. Fold over the top and have them shake to mix it up. They will love to make noise and create fun rhythms as they help you prepare for the holiday.

For a wonderful treat for your kids, add some jello to the mix. Kids love the fun colors of jello popcorn and will enjoy the taste even more. It doesn’t take much to make this fun treat, but your children will smile as they dig into this healthy holiday treat. In fact, this recipe is even easier to make. Heat some sugar, karo syrup and a jello in a pan. After it boils, slowly pour it on popped popcorn and mix to cover it evenly. The sweet flavors of jello will be combined with the salty goodness of popcorn to make a delectable treat for those special holiday events.

For an extra fun effect, mix a few different colors of jello popcorn together and create a green and red and yellow batch of fun flavored popcorn. A smorgasbord of colors will await your eager snackers!