Chocolate Chip Cookies; Perfection

I have been through numerous chocolate chip cookie recipes and not one has become a favourite. It doesn’t make sense to me but, there you have it. I assume that if you consider my upbringing in London on a strict diet of custard creams, chocolate digestives and jammy dodgers, but rarely a chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookie, then it may begin to make sense.

In truth my quest has been a fairly short one and not so much a pursuit as an infrequent delve into the world of chocolate chip cookie recipes. To be utterly honest it’s not as though the recipes I sampled weren’t good. I mean, can you really go that wrong with one? For some reason though none of these recipes stuck, the odd couple were revisited, once, but that’s all.

One thing is for sure, my surprise at discovering my favourite recipe to be that of a famous British chef renowned for his scientific approach to cooking; Heston Blumenthal. I’m not suggesting for one moment that I don’t admire everything he has achieved. On the contrary, but the question still remains as to how a homemade cookie recipe goes together with Heston Blumenthal? Apparently it does, in the form of a new cook book he has released which looks into home cooking. I’m not sure how much that alone would have convinced me to give it a try. After all isn’t home cooking the one place where you can create imperfect enjoyable food?

It was Kathryn from London Bakes that convinced me I had to put my Heston judgement aside and try his recipe out. The photo’s looked perfect and Kathryn claimed these cookies to be the best she’s come by. More importantly she said they have that perfect balance of crunchy and chewy which is exactly what I’m after. Oddly enough I was even enticed by Heston’s idea of making your own chocolate chips (not in any way difficult), with endless opportunities to be free and play around with flavours.

I did stick to the original recipe and can see without any doubt whatsoever that I have found chocolate chip cookie perfection.

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