Cooking Delicious Meals with Fresh Herbs

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Cooking Delicious Meals with Fresh Herbs

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If you love to cook and you know how to cook, you probably appreciate fresh herbs in your dishes. It doesn’t matter if you got them from your own garden or if you have bought from a farmer’s market – fresh herbs really make a huge difference in your meals. You can transform simple and ordinary dishes into something special when you use fresh herbs.

Combining Fresh Herbs and Foods

If you have always wanted to have your own herb garden, it is best to start planting your seeds during the last days of frost and the early days of spring. This way you won’t lose your seeds to the last days of winter. Fairly soon, you will be enjoying fresh herbs in your dishes. You can then cut back on salt and sugar.

There are actually many fresh herbs that you should consider planting in your garden.First, there is the basil which is perfect for pastas and zucchinis. Dishes that need tomatoes may also require chives, so you should consider planting chives as well. Dills are also perfect for fish dishes. If you love making fruits salads, you should also consider planting mints. Mint is also great for your morning teas. If you want an herb that is packed with antioxidants, you should make sure that you plant oreganos as well.

Do not stop there however. Add in parsley plants as well. Parsleys are great for potato salads. Aside from this, you should also get plant rosemary as well. This is perfect for fish, pork, chicken, lamb dishes. It is also great for soups and stews.

If you love making stuffed poultry or fish dishes, you should get some sage seeds as well.Tarragon and thyme are
also great for seasoning poultries like chickens, turkeys and ducks.

Cooking Your Food with Fresh Herbs

Take your time to learn how to cook using fresh herbs, so you will be able to maximize their flavors. When you use fresh herbs, you should make sure that you put in three times the amount of herbs you would use if they were dry. If you don’t have a garden, you should purchase your fresh herbs only when you need them. To make sure that you keep your herbs fresh, you should keep them in your refrigerator inside an open plastic bag.

If you want to get the best flavor for your dishes, you should spice your cooking with fresh herbs. Not only will you be assured of delicious meals for your family, you will also enjoy the health benefits of these herbs.

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