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Counting on the Cake Lifter

   Food   February 17, 2016  No Comments

I have a tendency to look on the bright side of time management when it comes to cooking. Situations have seen me attempt to make brownies in 20 minutes, a cake in 50 minutes and a stew in 2 hours. None of these expectations take into account the good half an hour it takes me to choose a recipe, the pile of washing up prior to cooking (there always seems to be a pile to do on these occasions and I have an obsessive tendency whereby no cooking can begin unless the sink is clear). Then there’s the cooling down period which in my mind always seems to be one minute.

In these situations I will always cause extra mayhem to whatever it is I’m making by realising, half way through, that I’m already meant to be done and as a result completely stressing out. This can vary from over-seasoning a dish to dropping a cake while attempting to transfer it from cooling rack to serving plate. Something will always happen and the cake dropping has been the biggest threat to such situations.

While trying to learn from these experiences, I realise I’m still likely to run into a little over-enthusiastic time management. Which is why I was thrilled when I came across this nifty little kitchen friend; the cake lifter by Nordic Ware.

Such a simple and functional gadget. Even if you’ve never dropped a cake on its face before, it certainly beats having to do the double plate flip. Hate that!

So if you’re reaching pre-Christmas/Hannukah*, stress get your hands on one of these saviours.

*Nobody wants to see a batch of doughnuts fall flat on the kitchen floor – it could happen!

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