Easiest Scones – Celebrating the Big Day

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Easiest Scones – Celebrating the Big Day

   Food   February 21, 2016  No Comments

Living abroad has brought light to my British pride and my British identity. Something I didn’t realise I had. Of course growing up in London you are instilled with a certain level of pride for being a part of such an Empire. Travelling abroad particularly would bring out those nationalistic feelings of delight when, back in the day, the British Pound was so strong. It almost did feel like you rule the world.

As for today, the big day for Prince William and Kate. The much awaited Royal Wedding, I very much doubt I would have been as excited as I am had I still been residing in leafy suburbian London. I would have no doubt cringed at all the fuss but still would have had the telly on to watch the special event.

Would I have gone to the trouble of making scones? Probably not. Would I have cleared my day solely for the pleasure and pride of watching the Royal wedding? I’m still unsure. Alas, it’s true I have cleared my entire afternoon for the wedding. I will be watching it at my Mum’s and yes, I have made scones that will be drunk with a cup of Tetley’s.

The fantastic thing about making these scones though is that they are wonderfully simple. You don’t have to go to the trouble of shaping the dough, which is where most scone nightmares occur. Because the less you play with the dough the lighter and fluffier the scone. In this case the dough comes together with ease and you then spoon-drop portions, as you would a cookie, and bake.

We will be bringing a touch of the Meditaranean to our English scones by replacing the clotted cream for Greek yogurt. The jam will remain the traditional strawberry flavour.

Everything is prepared, tea, scones and telly are at the ready and we patiently await the big day to commence.

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