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Electric Meat Tenderizer Appliances

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If you want the juiciest deer steaks, you want to use an electric meat tenderizer to break down any tough muscles that may be left in the meat after it’s been cut off the deer.

And the electric tenderizers will be the best to soften boneless meats without tearing the meat which makes them easier to cook in less time, and the meat retains its natural juices and enhances the flavors of your meats.

You may not realize it but tenderizing deer meat makes it that much more delicious. Once the meat fibers are broken down by the tenderizing process, the natural flavors are absorbed into the meat easier.

Also, if you’re going to marinate the meat, once it’s tenderized the marinades seep into the meat a lot quicker and easier and stay in the meat better so you won’t have to leave it in the marinade for as long a period of time before cooking it.

If you’re going to be tenderizing large quantities of meat before storing it, you should look for a tenderizer that has 30 to 48 blades so you can be sure to get through thicker types of meats like roasts or thick steaks and chops.

Also, the more blades you have, the less often you have to run the meat through the tenderizer to get the same amount of tenderizing in a lot less time.

Manual meat tenderizers, which you operate using a crank, are the perfect space-saving option for the home butcher’s kitchen and everyday use when you’re tenderizing just enough meat for dinner, like a couple of steaks.

Tenderizers that have around 15 blades are a great option for tenderizing thinner cuts of meat, and up to 48 blades for thicker cuts of meat. Manual tenderizers can still do a nice job of tenderizing smaller amounts of meat while using very little space for storage.

The best way to tenderize venison is to wrap the meat in plastic wrap use the electric meat tenderizer to pound the meat. This will give you thinner and more tender slices of meat, especially if you plan to marinate them.

You want to go through the tenderizing process on both sides of the meat, so after you’re done with one side, just flip the meat over and repeat the process. This will give you the most tenderized meat you can get, even better than the finest cuts of meat you can get from any store.

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