Fat Burning Foods for Men

Obesity is one of the most controversial issues especially for teenagers all around the world. But, in spite of the great controversy, many teens are still eating in fast food chain which is very unhealthy. It is best to enjoy eating healthy and balanced meal at home with your families. These young men have this misconception too, that they are too young to even bother about being obese or of having these unwanted fat that the conscious middle age men and women hates so much. Little did they know that teens (their age) are prone to obesity.
There are fat burning foods that can be given to these obese men and women. These foods will help them burn the fat stored in their body and maintain a balanced diet at the same time.
Fat burning foods for men
Salads Brown rice
Oats Walnuts
Hazel nuts Almonds
Vegetables- veggies is always advisable when trying to lose some pounds. Vegetable salads are one of the best things to have with each meal.
Eggplant Tomato
Cabbage Onions
Lettuce Garlic
Salads Kale
Spinach Peas
Leek Parsley
Fruits- all of us must have heard about the importance of fruits to our daily diet. These fruits below are especially recommended for those people who are trying to lose weight. These fruits are vital to keep you strong and healthy even when you are losing weight
Strawberries Lemons
Apples Watermelon
Pineapple Pomegranates
Peaches Grapes
Pears Raspberries
Papaya Blueberries
Prunes Limes
Protein and Meat- having protein in our diet makes us feel better; it also makes us feel so full. The digestion of protein takes a lot longer than digesting fruits and vegetables which leaves our system working a little bit longer.
Egg whites Chicken breast
Crabs Shrimp
Clams Lobsters
Cod steaks Turkey breast
Oysters Chicken breast
These foods listed above are the top choices for fat burning food for men which must be eaten with a well balanced meal plan. Besides these fat burning foods for men, there are also some fat burning exercises that must be done to have the best desired result. Remember that nothing beats a healthy diet and exercise to have a healthy and better life.

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