For A Greener Planet, Have Your Groceries Home Delivered

Town and Country Foods has a unique food delivery system that has groceries home delivered every six months.

We have an extensive menu for four main food categories: organic vegetables, all-natural meats and poultry, wild seafood, and specialty dishes that include desserts and snacks. You can select what you want from each of these menus and we will deliver groceries to your home regularly. Sure, this saves you a trip to the supermarket. However, this gives you some additional benefits as well:

Assurance of Quality: All of Town and Country Foods’ products are 100% safe and approved by the USDA. Since we comply with the strictest benchmarks of quality and taste, you can be sure of one thing—everything that goes into your meal is the very best!

Lowers Food Cost: Here are some numbers to put things in perspective. Customers who shopped at retail outlets absorbed 6% of the inflation costs whereas our customers skated by with only 2%. We can afford to do this because of our efficient system of delivering groceries to your home. On the other hand, an inefficient retail system passes on 34% of its operation costs to the customers.

Value for Money: According to our system, you make your food selections for six months instead of a one-time purchase. You get the benefits of bulk-buying in this case.

Environmentally Sound: Our system reduces, on an average, at least 2 trips to buy groceries every week. If even 500 customers do that (and it is a conservative estimate), 10,000 trips to the grocery store are being avoided. This saves a substantial amount of fuel and reduces our carbon footprint.

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