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GameCube- just for entertainment

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Nintendo is the only company, which is extremely popular across the world for their superb video games. Many kids and aged people are extremely crazy about the games offered by Nintendo, which could be played on the television sets. They were the first one to break the myth that 3D games be played only on residence computers. Nintendo was the most admired company in the eighties and nineties. However, now various biggies in the gaming industry have rose, such as the Sony and Microsoft. The Sony PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 of Microsoft are amongst the most preferred choices of various gaming buffs of the current generation.
The GameCube belonging to the Nintendo is still a rage amongst various game buffs across the world. However, if we compare it with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it would seem comparatively inferior to them. The processor of GameCube has a speed of merely four hundred and eighty five megahertz, while the central processor of PlayStation 3 manages eight processors and has a speed of more than three gigahertz. The Xbox 360 has a speed of more than three gigahertz in each of its three processors. If we talk about the RAM memory, then the GameCube has forty megabytes and the Xbox 360 has five hundred and twelve megabytes. The entire processor of GameCube is merely a hundred and twenty eighty bit unit; therefore it has a very petite memory and an extremely sluggish processor.
Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have a hard drive, which is a missing feature in the GameCube. You can easily create your personal soundtracks in the Xbox 360, while in the GameCube this facility in not available. Even, storing music in the hard drive is impossible with the GameCube. You have to manage with the sounds and tracks which are already incorporated with the software of GameCube.
Even, the networking ability of the GameCube is very appropriate. It can easily support four participants on one unit. There is also additional fifty six kilo byte per second modem adapter in the GameCube along with a special broadband adapter. However, you can never term the GameCube a multifunctional platform, if you compare it with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This is because you cannot play other DVDs and CDs in it other than the game CDs and DVDs. Nevertheless, the GameCube is the perfect choice if you want to gain entertainment with the entire family during a holiday. It is a smart choice for those who just love gaming. Every year, the Nintendo is making novel innovations in their GameCube in order to make it more appealing as well as functional.

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