How To Cook A Great Seafood Meal That Your New Date Will Love

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How To Cook A Great Seafood Meal That Your New Date Will Love

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First of all congratulations on finding a new date. I wish I was so lucky!

Now you need to plan a seafood meal to stun and impress your new friend. But you will want to spend as little time on the cooking process as is possible, so as to spend as much time getting to know more about each other. So plan a meal where you can do as much preparation in advance as is possible.

There are many options to choose from in terms of what to cook and how to cook the dish. Details are included in the’How To Cook Fish‘ and ‘Seafood Types‘ pages.

I would suggest a great classic starter which can totally be prepared in advance.

Oysters on a bed of crushed ice served with lemon wedges. It is claimed that Oysters have great aphrodisiac powers because of their high mineral content. They must have various rates of speed to create any reaction, since I’ve been eating them for decades and haven’t noticed anything. But apart from that they will look great on the plate, You can open them hours in advance and keep in the fridge, and your plate with crushed ice can be stored in the freezer. I would suggest at least a half a dozen each, get a few more for you to sample in advance. For that extra ‘wow’ factor why not invest in a tiny tub of Caviar and just top each Oyster with a small amount. You will have the combination of two of the most exciting products on one plate. Check the ‘Caviar Supplies‘ page for details of suppliers.

Now to my suggestion for the next course which can be totally prepared in advance and put on to cook as you serve the starters.

It is – Banana leaf stuffed with seafood with an Oriental touch. You will need a piece of banana leaf around 35cm square for each person. They are not too difficult to obtain from good vegetable shops, or if you are lucky as to where you live they might be ready at hand in the local plantations. You will need to blanch the leaf for around 2 to 3 minutes for it to soften. In the center place around 175g of mixed seafood cut into around 2cm pieces. Choose from Prawn, Scallop, Monkfish, baby Squid or whatever you prefer, but get as much a choice as you can. Now top with small amounts of grated ginger and shredded lemon grass, a shake or two of Soy and Thai Fish sauce and a touch of coconut cream. Fold up the banana leaf so that it securely seals in the fish and fasten with a bamboo kebab stick. Place the parcel in the fridge. To cook place in your steamer as the starter is served. Details of steaming are on the ‘How To Cook Fish‘ page. You might already have your own, if not they are quite inexpensive to buy and are very useful in the kitchen great for vegetables. Details of the steamer we recommend are on the ‘Seafood Equipment‘ page. Steam for around 12minutes, just long enough to eat your Oysters and have a couple of glasses of wine. To serve just put on the plate, and remove the kebab stick and open the parcel in front of your guest. The aroma will be great. Serve with a salad that you have prepared earlier or a very quick stir fry with bean sprouts, spring onion, mangetout or whatever takes your fancy flavoured with the Soy and Thai Fish sauces.

Now to finish, and of course this is unlikely to be fish unless you want to buy one of those little fish shaped moulds and make a jelly! Well ‘Vodka Jelly’ is still popular!

But perhaps not, as they say ‘if you don’t ask you will never know’.

And that is the end. If you try the meal I hope you enjoy it and have a good time.

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