Japanese Tea Ceremony Equipment

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Japanese Tea Ceremony Equipment

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Here is the most important equipment or tea tools used in tea ceremonies.

1. Tea Bowl
The tea bowl is one of the most important tea tools in the ceremony. It can vary in size and style depending if it will be used for thick or thin tea. Shallow bowls are also used in the summer to let the hot tea cool down faster, while deep bowls are used during the winter season.

Old tea bowls are highly regarded even if they have imperfections. In fact the imperfections are displayed prominently.

2. Tea Whisk
The tea whisk is used to mix powdered tea with hot water. Tea whisks are made from a single piece of bamboo wood. This implement is also highly regarded. In fact, worn out tea whisks are brought to the altar every May for ritual burning.

3. Tea Scoop
Tea scoops are used to scoop tea from the tea caddy into the tea bowl. It is carved from a single piece of bamboo.

4. Chakin
The chakin is a small piece of rectangular cloth made from hemp or linen. It is used to wipe the tea bowl clean.

5. Tea Caddy
The tea caddy is where the powdered tea is placed. It is just a small container that houses the powdered tea, wherein the tea scoop would get tea from and to the tea bowl.

Remember, the list above is just the essential tools used in a tea ceremony. If you really want to get an extensive listing, there are books that you can look up regarding the subject. You will literally need a book if you want to learn all about the tea ceremony tools and equipment.

Looking at the tea tools, one can conclude how tea has really affected the culture of countries like China and Japan. The importance of tea to the history of these nations is unparalleled by any beverage or food anywhere in the world.

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