List of Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods is described as foods that help in the burning of excess fat or food with fewer amounts of calories that help burn more calories than its calorie content. These fat burning foods are high in vitamins and minerals. They are also discovered to have substances that help melt fat away making you healthier day by day.
Here are the lists of fat burning foods that are clinically proven to shape you up:
Apples-this is number one in the list because it does not contain any saturated fat. The calorie found in apple is only 81 calories. It is also one of the healthiest fruit because it maintains the blood pressure to a normal level and lowers the cholesterol in blood.
Beans- are the best source of protein. A cup of beans contain 215 calories. Beans are also low in sodium but they are found to have high amount of potassium.
Broccoli- is known to be a cancer fighter. It is very rich in fiber, vitamin C and calcium. This has only 44 calories.
Cabbage- has 33 calories. It protects our body against the colon cancer.
Coffee- caffeine has anti oxidant that helps in the burning of calories. This is the reason why people in restaurants are having coffee or tea after eating. However, drinking coffee should be in moderate amount.
Chicken- with 245 calories, it is rich in protein, iron, zinc and niacin.
Fish- fish and other sea foods are healthy food. Fish oil is very for the heart.
Melons- rich in Vit. A and C. melons and watermelons has 49 calories.
Spinach- is revealed to bee high in vitamins E and vitamins C as well as in beta carotene. It also lessens the cholesterol level the body.
Tomatoes- with only 25calories, tomatoes can really help to lose some weight. It has very low sodium content but very rich in potassium and fiber.
Pasta-is well-known to help burn fat as it only has 255 calories (for one cup). It is also rich in iron, manganese and magnesium that is necessary for a healthy body.
Other lists of fat burning foods:
Garlic Eggplant
Onion Turnips
Green beans Cauliflower
Kale String beans
Leeks Radish
Peppers Pineapple
These lists of fat burning foods are recommended by Nutritionist and Physicians. The best way to start with your fat burning diet is to have a daily plan. Make a list of the foods you have chosen for the whole week and make another selection for the coming week.

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