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Low Calorie Seafood Cooking

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Cooking Seafood Meals With Low Calories

Cooking Seafood At Home when counting calories count, or as part of a diet is very easy to do.

Your need might be to keep within your calorie intake for the day or because you are genuinly dieting and want to reduce the level of calories that you consume. To help most forms of seafood are lower in calories in comparison with animal meats.

For example:-

Cod 120g 100cals

Tuna 120g 155cals

Fillet Steak 120g 220cals

Chicken Breast 120g 195cals

The Fillet Steak is very lean, an average quality of mince or a fattier form of Beef Steak, such as Rib Eye, will contain significantly more calories. The example for the Chicken Breast is for a skinless version, if skin on or from a portion such as the leg or the thigh the calorie count will again be much higher. The total calorie count will be higher, dependent upon the cooking method and accompaniments. But like for like fish and shellfish are as a rule much lower in calories, whilst still offering you a meal that satisfies you in terms of volume.

In addition, in comparison with animal meat, the levels of “shortener of lives” saturated fats are virtually nil. Whilst seafood contains many of the vitamins and minerals essential to maintain a healthy body.

So you will be choosing a healthier and lower calorie option, that can be quickly cooked and comes from a range of over 20,000 species of fish and shellfish available throughout the world.

When served with fresh accompaniments such as vegetables, salads, rice and pasta the comparative meal including animal meats would not make the starting post.

Throuhout the Internet you can find many sources to identify the number of calories in most types of seafood.

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