Tea Varieties That You Will Love

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Tea Varieties That You Will Love

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Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It stands tall next to coffee and even water, imagine that. People who are sick of sodas and coffee often go to tea for refreshment. Tea is an important beverage as discussed in the past articles. Tea has been the center of some movements and even revolutions, that is how great the history of tea has been so far.

For people, instant powdered tea in tea bags are the only thing they know to consume. This article will help people know the kinds of tea that they can drink aside from commercial powdered tea. Here are the most popular and delicious tea varieties you can try.

Green Tea

Once upon a time, black tea was the most consumed tea in the West. But maybe because of the much hyped healing properties of green tea, this strain of tea has become very popular all of a sudden. Not to say that green tea is a bad type of tea, it is actually very tasty.

Green tea is made solely with Camellia Sinensis with minimal oxidation during processing. Recently, scientific studies has been done on Green tea. Preliminary studies show that this type of tea has properties that can lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, as well as help in weight loss management.

Black Tea

The taste of black tea is robust and malty. You should drink black tea with milk or honey. You can also add a bit of lemon if you want. This type of tea is more oxidized than any other tea, thus it has more caffeine content than any of them. Black tea in a tea bag is still one of the most popular types of tea in the world.

Black tea in China is also known as “Crimson Tea.” Experts says that this is a more apt description of the color of the tea. Although, the name black tea can also be descriptive of the color of the tea leaves that it was drawn from. Black tea can also refer to a tea serving without milk.

The advantage of black tea from green tea is that it retains its flavor in about a year, while green tea loses some of its taste in less than that.

Oolong tea

This Oolong tea is a favorite of tea aficionados. Its taste is very complex with a few blast of fruity after taste that tingles the palate. Oolong can start at 10% oxidation to 70% oxidation. This means that it can be almost like green tea at lower oxidations and it can be almost like black tea in higher oxidations.

Although, Oolong tea tastes a little like green tea than black tea, it does not have the grassy, vegetal hints of green tea. It also does not have the wonderfully strong aroma of black tea.

The name Oolong tea originated in China where it can mean “black dragon tea.” There is a theory about the history of this name where Oolong was a direct descendant of the Dragon-Phoenix Tea Cake tribute tea. It was said that eventually, Oolong replaced the said tea when it became popular. It got its name thus because it looks like a dragon with its curly, dark, and long features.

More tea varieties

Aside from the three very popular tea varieties mentioned above, there are also some other teas that you might enjoy. There is the rare white tea which people posit as more potent than green tea when it comes to health benefits. Thee is also Tisane or herbal tea, which does not contain real tea but it has various plants boiled up like chamomile.

Tea is a very popular beverage because a lot of its properties are special unto itself. It may have healing effects or not, it does not matter, since it is still enjoyable as just a beverage. Hopefully, the revival of the popularity of tea among the masses will help people realize that artificial drinks can cause obesity and even diabetes in some cases. We should really be thinking and consuming only healthier food stuffs to help us stay energetic and able to perform everyday.

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