The Best Sandwiches for Students

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The Best Sandwiches for Students

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Students are always on the go. Sometimes, whether they want to have breakfast or not is not a matter of their hunger but if time permits. Here are five examples of different sandwiches – the easiest food to prepare and best not only for students but for people-on-the-go.

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Peanut butter sandwich is the fastest way for a student to make a sandwich. It is good to jump start a day because peanuts are full of protein that will help build muscles for the body.
All you need to make a peanut butter sandwich is bread and a spread of peanut butter. That’s it. No fuzz, no cooking required.

Cheese Sandwich

Another sandwich for students in a hurry is cheese sandwich. Cheese sandwich also has a very healthy dose of protein and calcium at the same time. The cheese gives any palate a burst of energy to start the day right.
It is also very easy to make just liker peanut butter sandwich. All you need is cheese and bread. You can also add vegetables and ham to complete your meal.

Club Sandwich

This requires a bit of cooking on the student’s part, but bacon and chicken are very fast and easy to cook anyway. Club sandwiches are usually made by slicing the bread into quarters. The beauty of club sandwiches is that it can be filled with almost anything. It can be filled with turkey, tomato, bacon and lettuce.

If turkey is too much for your budget, you can substitute chicken for it. You can also use toasted bread to make the sandwich, but non-toasted bread is enough.

Egg Sandwich

This requires cooking again, but it is totally worth the wait for a few minutes. This sandwich has the delightful taste and health content of egg. Remember that egg has all the different vitamins and minerals except vitamin C. So this is a very healthy meal for students.
All you need to do is put scrambled egg in the bread.

BLT – Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

This sandwich has traditionally strips of bacon as well as strips of lettuce, and a healthy dose of tomato. For most people, BLT is the ultimate sandwich. You can opt to use toasted bread or even mayonnaise as condiment.
You can find a lot of recipes of traditional BLT. But you can do your own thing based on your own taste and preference.

Student Friendly

There are many student-friendly recipes online that one can find, but one of the less time consuming food to prepare is a sandwich. That is why sandwiches are the best way for students to eat a meal. It is easy to make, it’s portable, and it’s delicious.

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