The Best Seafood Soups For Your Money

One of the best soups that are rich in the vitamins and minerals that every individual needs is seafood soup.

This soup is usually made from either a cream or a broth and can include different types of fish or shellfish. The origins to seafood soup date back thousands of years as just about every country on earth is well known for its seafood soup including France and China.

Unlike other soups that are unhealthy and inexpensive to prepare, seafood soup is very affordable and can be stretched into two or more meals which is great for individuals or families who want to save money during these difficult economic times.

Clam Chowder

Another great soup that is both super healthy and delicious is clam chowder. Since there are so many types of clam chowder available today it’s almost impossible to go wrong preparing it at home. The ingredients that you need to make chowder are a cream base, clams, chopped potatoes and sliced carrots. When you combine all of these ingredients together, you’re giving your body a present that’s full of vitamin B-12, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and so much more.

It’s important to remember to never buy clam chowder in the store (unless you have to) because store bought chowder typically contains more sodium than home-made chowder does.

Lobster Soup

It may be more difficult for people to afford lobster in this day and age because it can be very expensive but if you have the money to make your own lobster soup you should do it. Lobster is high in iron, calcium plus vitamin A.

To make this soup all you need is lobster tails, butter, broth, chopped tomatoes, onions, celery, pasta shells, spinach leaves and peppers.  This soup can also be stretch to two meals and if you love drinking wine with seafood its best served with white wine.

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