Top-of-the line Food Scales selection

Top quality food scales are necessary in any professional food establishment. Many manufacturers have produced top class food scales for food service needs. Top-of-the line food scales can be purchased online today and you do not have to go to a retailer. Below mentioned prices are just indicate current price levels researched online. It is best to check different places on the Internet and compare prices, delivery terms and included accessories before you make your purchase.
Edlund top-of-the line food scales
The Edlund Poseidon WSC-10 portion control scale makes your job of cleaning up very easy because it is submersible. Its stainless steel design has a dual housing so that it is protected from any water damage or if it is dropped. This scale is digital and very accurate. The scale can be used with either an AC adapter or four “AA” batteries. The WSC-10 begins at prices above $350.00, and is available online at several retailers.
The Edlund SR-10 OP-Over-sized Platform Vertical Face Mechanical Portion Scale can be purchased from several online stores. This scale is NSF certified meaning it has been tested by the National Sanitation Foundation and it complies with the standards imposed by the NSF. This scale features an over-sized platform, it is equipped with a rotating dial and made in the USA.
The Edlund HD-10DP-Dial Type with Dash pot is a heavy-duty scale that can weigh items up to100 pounds and begins at $145.00. The Edlund WRD-10 is a wireless remote pizza portion control scale with a large back lit display that reads in pounds, ounces and grams. The remote display can be mounted at a position with an excellent view to the readout.
Detecto top-of-the line food scales
The Detecto MCS-10KGDB is a butchers’ scale with easy to read graduations and numbers and with a pointer that indicates the weight of a purchase quickly and accurately with a main price range above $160.00.
The Detecto MCS-10KGF is a hanging scale for fish and vegetables. This food scale has a round pan with drainage holes and the price starts around $200.00.
The Detecto MCS-10KGH is a hook scale with a white measurement face with black numerals and graduations, priced in the range of $130.00.
The Detecto MCS-10KGP is a hanging scale that has a galvanized scoop and chains. This is a heavy duty scale and priced a little bit above the MCS-10KGH.
Crestware food scales
The Crestware Receiving Scale can weigh items up to 60 pounds and has a rotating dial. The Crestware SCA10100 Receiving Scale weighs items up to 100 pounds and its price starts at $132.00.
The Crestware Receiving Scale SCA10200 can weigh items that are up to 200 pounds and has a price starting at $160.00.
Taylor Scales
The Taylor Precision TE10R is an electronic portion control scale with a LCD read out. This scale has a convenient HOLD function that locks the weight onto the screen after the items are removed from on top. The price of the Taylor Precision TE10R starts at $134.00.
The Taylor TE10SSW is a waterproof digital scale with a stainless steel base and begins at $238.00.
Avery Berkel Scales
The Avery Berkel LPS30 bench scale is a portion control scale and can weigh items up to 30 pounds. It has a battery with a 20-hour life and an AC adapter. It is great for use in salad and sandwich shops as well as bakeries and food markets. The LPS30 is available in the range of $170 – $200.
The Avery Berkel FX220/12 is a scale that can weigh items up to 12 pounds and is legal for trade with a price-computing feature. It´s build from stainless steel.
The Avery Berkel FX210 is a cake scale that has a rotating platform so that working on cakes can be done while weighing them. This professional scale is also great for monitoring ingredient usage and the price level depends on the version of the food scale with its different features and starts in the range of $390.
If you are looking for top-of-the line food scales, the best and most reliable information is from someone who has already used the product. The rating for top-of-the line food scales can be found on the Internet along side of the product that is available for purchase. Before purchasing a kitchen scale, you should take the time to check out the ratings given by customers.

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