Traditional English Food Does Not Have To Mean Old And Tiring

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Traditional English Food Does Not Have To Mean Old And Tiring

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If you are looking for something to bring you back to the time when you were a kid in England, why not look into reproducing some of the wonderful old dishes that got your heart singing with traditional English food. There are recipes in each and every culture that seem to bring you back to the times when you were young and everything seemed fresh and new.

While many if not most traditional meals in Britain are long standing, this is not to say that the dish needs to go stale. Finding a long forgotten dish of British culture and making it shine again, is exactly what many people look to do these days. It keeps the tradition of the meal going and it also allows you to enjoy the meal in all its glory with a few new and exciting twists.

From Bubble And Squeak To Bangers And Mash

Regardless of what it is that you are thinking of making in regards to traditional English food, you will most likely enjoy the food just as much as the memories that are attached to the recipe. Anyone In England can remember Bubble and Squeak as a great old time recipe. This meal takes all that was left from a fine Sunday roast dinner such as the cold veggies and meat and is mixed with mashed potatoes in a pan. When the sides are browned, you have a heart and well rounded meal without waste.

This was a very popular fare during the last great war, as rations were scarce. The same can be said for the fantastic recipe of Bangers and Mash. The bangers are the sausage that is pan fried and the mash is the mashed potato that accompanies it on the plate. The sausages are called bangers, as during war times they were so water logged that they would quite often explode in the pan.

Fish And Chips And Other Walkouts

Not every traditional English food is one that is cooked in the home for the family. There are several different options in regards to take out or as it’s called in England “take away” or walkout food. A big draw that has been around for a great many years is fish and chips. This is a dish that has been around long before the great war, and is something that is easy to find in England. The cod and haddock fish are the most common when it comes to a fish and chip meal, yet there are other substitutes such as Huss.

Before potatoes became a big thing in England, the British used a stock vegetable and cooked it in the manner of French fries. Walking out with this dish usually meant walking out with the fish and fries tightly wrapped in a local newspaper. This has been somewhat of a major draw to the fish and chip vendors in other countries and it took off. There are many parts of England today that still wrap their fish and chips in this manner to ensure that this meal remains one of the traditional English food.

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