Traditional English Recipes for Special Occasions

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Traditional English Recipes for Special Occasions

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There are so many English recipes out there that it can seem overwhelming when trying to pick one. What you will choose will depend on if you want to eat a more main stream type of meal or a little bit more out there.

The best place to find great English dinner recipes is online. You will be able to find several ways to entertain and cook with the best in English food. One of the benefits of searching online for UK recipes are that you can scale them up or down per serving size to suit your needs. This will give you the ingredients for the same recipe in any amount that you choose.

The Steak and Kidney Pie

When browsing for the right English recipes, a traditional favorite is the Steak and Kidney Pie. This recipe has two parts to it – the pastry and the filling. Each has to be prepared separately then combined in the end.

To prepare your pastry outer, you will need flour, salt, shortening, and water. For the filling you will need beef kidney, shortening, onion, round steak, Worcester sauce, salt, pepper, butter, flour, parsley, rosemary, and oregano. While you can buy premade pasty mix, making it from scratch is the traditional method and has the best taste.

English recipes for pastry can vary, but over all they all are the same when it comes to this dish. You will simply mix the flour and salt together first and then cut the shortening in. Use a pastry blender for the best results. You will combine these together lightly until the mix is similar to a crumble. It will not be smooth and will contain crumbles, pieces, and tiny bits. You will then sprinkle water over the mixture, mix with a fork, and then press into a ball.

The filling is made by cutting the kidney and steak into cubes, and melting the shortening in a pot. You will add the onions and cook them until they are brown. Then brown the meat the same way in the same pot. You will pour in boiling water, Worchester sauce, salt, and pepper into the mix and cook on low until the meat is tender. In a separate bowl you will blend the flour and melted butter together while the over preheats. Add small amounts of the flour and butter mix into the pot and stir until the mix thickens. Mix in all the herbs and stir well.

The last part would include rolling out your pastry into a pie dish, pouring the meat mixture into the pie plate, and then covering it with more pastry. You will cut slits into the top of the pie for ventilation and crimp the sides all the way around the pie plate. Most English recipes for this dish will have you cook it at about 400 degrees for thirty minutes or until well browned. This is one fantastic traditional English recipes dish that can be found online and is worth the make.

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