What Food Goes Well With Tea?

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What Food Goes Well With Tea?

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Tea is like the lifeblood of most cultured society. It is true more so now than then. We can’t deny it. People love to eat and drink. Not just for survival, but also for self-satisfaction. Tea is the primary refreshment for a lot of people who want to avoid the heavy caffeine of coffee. Tea is also preferred by a lot of people due to its medicinal properties.

The fun with tea pairings is the variety of teas out there. A lot of tea tastes different enough to warrant experimentation and the spirit of adventure on the consumer’s part.

So what food do you think goes well with tea?

Black Tea

This variety goes well with Asian cuisines like Thai or Chinese. However, black tea is also good with desserts like coffee cakes, muffins, custards, and cinnamon rolls.

Oolong Tea

This tea variant is almost as good as black tea when paired with Asian cuisines like Indian, Thai and Chinese dishes. Oolong also compliments the flavor and texture of red meat.

Herbal Tea

This healing, medicinal variety goes well with light crackers and cereals. Sweet herbal tea will also go well with salty snacks to balance the flavor of the food.

Green Tea

This kind of tea goes well with food that is also paired with white wine. So it goes great with shrimps, smoked fish, salad, chicken, and rice recipes. Meat sandwiches also go well with green tea.

White Tea

This tea is not heavy flavored enough to compliment strong tasting food. Waffles and tea biscuits are good to go with this kind of tea. You would also want to sip a few white teas as it is more medicinally potent than green tea.

Pu-erh Tea

This kind of tea goes well with an abundance of animal fat and oily type of cooking. It goes well with stir fry, chicken, and meat.

The End of the Line

As with the coffee article, tea goes well with the food that you like. There is no secret tea-food pairings that will really make your palate sing. It is up to you to experiment with your own tea experience. Because tea is not just for tasting, it is also about living the moment.

At the end of the day, your taste alone matters in the grand scheme of your own gastronomic satisfaction. You alone will know what pairings and combination you will love. So go ahead, get your favorite tea and indulge.

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