Why Mothers Should Go Organic First

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Why Mothers Should Go Organic First

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Many mothers are finding it really important to strictly feed their babies with organic baby food and milk. With the rising number of children inflicted with unusual diseases such as kidney failure and cancer, organic baby food is not anymore an alternative but the only choice for them.

Eating inorganic or conventional food harms the physical body of any person regardless of age. If the person happens to be pregnant, there is a 100% possibility of passing the toxic substances to the baby inside the womb via the mother’s bloodstream to the baby’s umbilical cord. This was proven by a study which collected samples of blood from the umbilical cord of children and tested for pollutants. It revealed 21 pesticides crossed the placenta and directly entered the babies’ system.

In another study conducted and published by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2005, the result of having organic food diet significantly reduced the levels of pesticide to undetectable levels. The research measured the levels of pesticide in the urine of the children before and after going on organic food diet.

How else are toxic compounds enter the baby’s system? As more mothers are joining the work force, majority of them are feeding their babies with infant formula. Even with the advertisements that say “Breast milk is still best for children,” working mothers make this substitute in feeding their babies. Many mothers also think that a more expensive brand gives their babies near to breast milk quality. While babies on infant formula really grow bigger, size does not determine the true state of any child’s physical health.

Synthetic growth hormones applied to dairy cattle are transferred to their milk and to the infant formula as its end product. These growth hormones are then accumulated by the babies dependent on the infant formula. Several studies have already suggested of the effects of exposure to such growth hormones.

The innocent babies cannot yet decide for themselves. They cannot choose which milk to drink, and if they can even choose and choose mother’s milk, they are not also assured of being free from harmful substances. Therefore, it all depends on the mother. Going for natural and organic food must start with the mother to ensure that the milk she provides to her child is indeed safe and best for the baby.

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